Business financing

Business financing

Business financing loan  – an option to replenish the business’ working capital.

Types of finance:​

Term loan​ – a type of business lending with a fully drawn advance to finance business needs.
A revolving line of credit​ – allows the client to get an access to funds when needed and make fixed repayments over the life of the loan.

Category of clients: legal entities, individual entrepreneurs.


Makes it possible to cover urgent expenses, not taking money out of business.
Makes it possible to obtain finance without collateral.
Individual repayment plan.
Fixed rate during the entire lending period.
Interest is charged only on the money actually drawn on, for the period that the loan is used.
One-off fee, paid at the time the agreement is signed.

Lending terms:​

Amount of loan/line of credit:
- without collateral: up to UAH 7,500,000;
- with collateral: up to UAH 30,000,000 
Loan currency: UAH, USD, EUR.
Term: up to 24 months.
Repayment plan: individual.
Interest rate: fixed.
One-off fee: 0.9% of the loan amount, minimum UAH 2,000.
- without collateral: a financial guarantee from the business owner;
- with collateral: real estate, equipment, vehicles.

Please contact a service manager of Alfa-Bank to get information about requirements to be met by clients, and a suite of necessary documents to be submitted to get a loan.

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