Bank guarantee is an instrument to ensure enforcement of obligations, where the bank-guarantor issues a written commitment to pay in favour of the beneficiary for the amount guaranteed, instead of the principal, in case the latter fails to meet the obligations upon demand for payment made by the beneficiary

Types of bank guarantees:​

bid bond - to secure the fulfilment of tender conditions;
guarantee of payment - to secure the performance of payment obligations;
contract performance guarantee - to secure the performance of contractual obligations;
advance payment guarantee - to secure the refund of advance payments;
to secure the performance of obligations undertaken by the tour operators;
other guarantees (quality, etc.).

Category of clients: legal persons, sole traders.


a versatile and reliable instrument to secure various types of obligations of each party to the agreement;
financing cost savings;
guarantee can be issued electronically;
available option - to apply for a guarantee to be used for ProZorro system, one of the largest public procurement platforms, just on the site

Lending terms:​

Amount: no limit, if the guarantee is 100 % cash-covered
Currency: UAH, USD, EUR.
Term: limited depending on the period of time required to fulfil certain obligations by the principal under the agreement that is secured by the bank guarantee.
Guarantee issuance fee: from 0.5% of the guarantee amount, min. UAH 1,000
Guarantee service fee: from 2% per annum (not charged if the guarantee is cash-covered, i.e. the security is cash held on the account)
One-off fee: 0.9% of the loan amount, minimum UAH 2,000.
- property rights to the cash held on the security account;
- property rights to the principal or other person’s deposit held in PJSC Alfa-Bank.

Please contact a service manager of Alfa-Bank to get information about requirements to be met by clients, and a suite of necessary documents to be submitted to get a loan.

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