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Loans for business financing are a financing instrument for replenishing the working capital of business entities.

Forms of financing:

One-time loan — a form of lending to an enterprise, which means the economic needs financing in one amount.

A revolving loan line allows a client to repeatedly receive and repay the loan amount within the established limit during the term of an agreement.

Client category: legal entities, individual entrepreneurs.


Ability to cover the necessary costs without withdrawing funds from circulation.

Possibility to receive financing without collateral.

Individual repayment schedule.

Fixed rate for the entire lending period*.

Interest is calculated only for the period of actual loan use.

The commission is one-time, paid at the time of an agreement signing.

Lending terms:

Amount of loan/loan line:

  - without collateral: up to UAH 7,500,000;

  - secured: up to UAH 100,000,000.

Loan currency: UAH, USD, EUR.

 Term: up to 36 months.

 Repayment schedule: individual for each client.

 Interest rate: fixed*, from 12.2 to 21.6% per annum in UAH, from 5.7 to 11.3% per annum in USD, from 5.2 to 10.8% per annum in EUR.

 One-time commission: 0.9% of the loan/limit amount (min UAH 2000).

Security for a loan:

- without collateral: financial guarantee of the business owner;

- secured: real estate, equipment, vehicles.

* There is a promotion for clients with annual revenues from UAH 50 to 300 million based on a floating rate, which is calculated according to the formula: NBU discount rate + 6%. With a decrease in the NBU discount rate, the lending rate will also decrease

The lending procedure and conditions for the Business Development Loan product from JSC Alfa-Bank are given in the Public Offer.

JSC Alfa-Bank offers small and medium-sized businesses to use the Business Development Loan service on the terms of the Public Offer, which significantly reduces the time spent on getting acquainted with the terms of service and signing many pages of the text:

[Read the offer]

Ways to Make a Loan Application

Clients have the opportunity to submit a request for financing in the revolving loan line form for a period of up to 12 months and an amount of up to UAH 2 million on their own in the online mode (fill in the fields of the questionnaire and add the documents necessary for a request proceeding), using the appropriate Bank service:

For other inquiries, please contact the nearest Bank office or the Alfa-Bank customer service manager.

To schedule a visit to the office and receive a preliminary consultation, clients have the opportunity to submit an online request.

For requirements for customers and a package of documents for obtaining a loan, check with the Alfa-Bank customer service manager.