Motor trucks (new and used)

Motor trucks (new and used)

Leasing of trucks is an effective financial tool that allows you to invest in the fleet of the company or to meet production needs. You can lease either new or used truck.


Financing schedule from 12 to 36 months
Down payment from 30% of the vehicle’s value, with VAT
Currency hryvnia
One-off fee 2% of the leased asset’s value
Payment schedule classic, seasonal

Client portrait

  •  Legal person or sole trader
  •  Small and medium business
  •  Carrying out business activities more than one year (for agricultural producers - not less than one full agricultural cycle).

Advantages of leasing

  • The leased asset is recorded on the lessee's balance sheet, with charging the depreciation expense.
  • The lessee gets a full-value tax credit.
  • Additional collateral is not required.
  • Interest payments and fees are regarded to be gross expenses.
  • Minimization of initial costs: a leasing company makes deductions to the Pension Fund of Ukraine, pays registration fees, road tax, as well as pays for GPS tracker, CASCO and OSAVTs insurance coverage, which are afterwards apportioned, in equal instalments, over the entire lease period.

Receiving a product

  • 1

    Fulfill an application online.


  • 2

    Answer questions of an operator by phone.

  • 3

    Receive all ready documents in the nearest branch of Alfa-Bank.

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