Motor trucks (new and used)

Leasing of trucks is an effective financial tool that allows you to invest in the fleet of the company or to meet production needs. You can lease either new or used truck.


financing Period12 to 36 months
Advance paymentfrom  30%  from property value including VAT
Currency FinanceUAH
one-time fee2% of the value of about’object of lease
Schedule of paymentsclassic, seasonal

Portrait client

  •  Legal entity or individual entrepreneur.
  •  Small and medium business.
  •  Term of reference of activities from the 1st of the year (for producers of agricultural products for at least 1 full agricultural cycle).

Advantages of leasing

  • About’object of lease recorded on the balance sheet of the Lessee, it is depreciated.
  • the Lessee receives a tax credit on the entire cost of the leased asset.
  • no collateral required.
  • Leasing interest and commissions belong to gross cost in full.
  • Minimize initial costs: payments to the Pension Fund of Ukraine, registration, transportation fee, car GPS tracker, comprehensive insurance and OAVC performs leasing company; and then the sum is divided in equal installments for the duration of the financing.

The design of the product

  • 1

    You fill out the online application.

  • 2

    Answer the operator's questions over the phone.

  • 3

    Take all the documents ready at the nearest branch of alpha Bank.

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