Agricultural machinery and equipment (new and used)

Agricultural machinery and equipment (new and used)

Special offer for agricultural companies: purchase and leasing of agricultural machinery - from combine harvesters, tractors and self-propelled vehicles to durable trailers with implements and attachments.


Financing schedule from 12 to 48 months
Down payment from 25% of the machinery’s value, with VAT
Currency hryvnia
One-off fee 2% of the leased asset’s value
Payment schedule classic, seasonal

Client portrait

  •  Legal person or sole trader
  •  Small and medium business
  • Carrying out business activities more than one year (for agricultural producers – at least one full agricultural cycle).

Advantages of leasing

  • The leased asset is recorded on the lessee's balance sheet, with charging the depreciation expense.
  • The lessee gets a full-value tax credit.
  • Additional collateral is not required.
  • Interest payments and fees are regarded to be gross expenses.
  • Car insurance costs, registration fees, payment for GPS tracker (for self-propelled vehicles) are apportioned, in equal instalments, over the entire lease period.
  • Special financing terms - jointly with the world’s manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

Receiving a product

  • 1

    File an application.


  • 2

    Agree upon convenient time and place for the meeting with a manager.

  • 3

    Discuss terms and conditions at the meeting and sign documents.

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