Business Overdraft

Business Overdraft

Overdraft – is a short-term loan where the Client’s billing documents are paid from the current account beyond the actual balance on it within the Bank limit. Overdraft limit is set for each Client individually, depending on the receipts to his/her current account with the Bank.

Benefits of Overdraft:​

Minimum fees and no pledge
Fixed interest rate for the entire crediting period
Automatic repayment
Interest is charged only for the period of actual overdraft use

Terms of Loan:​

Amount: minimum – UAH 50,000; maximum – UAH 1,000,000 Interest rate: market interest rate set on the date of signing of the agreement that will remain unchanged over the term of the loan
One-time fee: 1% of the limit amount paid on the day of signing of the agreement Overdraft term: up to 12 months
Term of continuous debt: 30 days Security: financial guarantee of the business owner


Please contact your Alfa-Bank manager to review the requirements to the Client and the package of documents required to open overdraft.

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