Deposit-Secured Loan

Deposit-Secured Loan

Types of finance:

• Fully drawn advance loan - a type of lending to a business entity to cover business related needs, with a fully drawn advance.

• Revolving line of credit – allows a client to draw down the funds repeatedly and repay the loan within the limit at any time during the validity of the agreement; it’s open-ended financing.

Category of clients: legal persons, sole proprietors.


  • Fast decision-making
  • Minimum number of documents
  • Interest rate is lower than that for other lending products
  • A third party’s deposit may be pledged
  • No early repayment penalty
  • The loan term can be extended along with extension of the deposit agreement

Lending terms:

  • Amount of the loan/line of credit: up to 95% of the deposit
  • Currency of lending: UAH, USD, EUR
  • Term: no longer than the validity of the deposit agreement
  • Repayment schedule: before the expiry of the agreement
  • Interest rate: flat
  • One-time fee: 0.9% of the loan amount, min. UAH 1,000
  • Security: a term deposit placed with Alfa-Bank

Please contact a customer service manager at Alfa-Bank to become familiar with the requirements that the clients should meet as well as with a list of documents necessary to obtain a loan.

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