Business Card



Business card: to open at no cost with fee-free maintenance

Round-the-clock access to your current account

No cost to make instant payments for goods or services via trading networks and the Internet

No fees for topping up your account with sales revenue through Alfa-Bank’s ATMs - available 24/7

Cash withdrawals at a flat rate via ATMs of any bank in Ukraine

NEW!!! Toping up your Business Card via EasyPay and City24 terminals

Mastercard Business Card: additional protection owing to Chip and PayPass contactless payment technology

Issue of cards for authorised users, with setting spending limits

Managing your business card via online banking: managing the card limit, blocking / unblocking, requesting new cards

Change of PIN-code at ATMs, using the IVR system or in your personal account "Ok, Alfa!"

Checking your card balance by sending an SMS to 3344

To get a card

  • 1

    File an application: we will call you and give some advice

  • 2

    Request a card when you open an account or via online banking

  • 3

    Pick up the card at the bank branch


To activate the card, you need to set a PIN code. You can set a PIN code using the IVR system, call the Bank from your mobile on 0800 50 70 44 or in your personal account "Ok, Alfa!".

Operations with the card are not possible until the moment of its activation.


The card limits can be changed within one business day or on a constant basis.

Only the Client or the Client's Authorized Person of a resident legal entity may change the basic limits by calling the Bank's contact centre on 0 800 50 70 44, or visiting the nearest branch to apply for a change of the limit, or doing it via the Client-Bank system by taking into account the functionalities of such systems.


The card can be blocked by the Client, the Authorized Person of the Client of a resident legal entity or the Cardholder, whose name appears on the front of the card.

The card can be unblocked by the Client, the Authorized Person of the Client of a resident legal entity or the Cardholder who has blocked the card. Unblocking is not permitted to the Cardholder not authorized to act independently in accordance with the List of Account Holders (for resident legal entities).

The card can be blocked or unlocked:

- by contacting the Bank's branch or contact centre on 0 800 50 70 44;

- through online banking - “My Business Online” or “OK, Alfa!”.