Any transfers from card to card online

Transfer money in Ukraine, abroad and from abroad without a commission!

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Exchange rate 17 October 2019

Buy 24.65
Sale 24.95
Buy 27.20
Sale 27.50
Buy 0.361
Sale 0.391
Buy 24.70
Sale 24.95
Buy 27.25
Sale 27.45

Online transaction of purchase and sale of foreign currency available in Alfa-Mobile

Buy 24.55
Sale 25.10
Buy 27.10
Sale 27.60
«Everything is simple» - our new credit card

The card with the simplest terms of use. Already open order!

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Use bank online

  • Great opportunities online

    In Alfa-Mobile you can quickly get a card, return up to 5000 UAH as cashback monthly, take loans, make a deposit and even exchange currency.

    Great opportunities online
  • Online currency exchange

    Change currency at the most favorable rate online. Make out a currency card in a few clicks.

    Online currency exchange
  • Open and manage deposits

    Open online deposits at an advantageous rate indefinitely or at the right time. Control the accrued interest and complete the deposit on the mobile.

    Open and manage deposits
  • Payments and transfers

    Make all kinds of transfers and pay for utilities without commission

    Payments and transfers
  • Cashback

    Get cashback of 0.5% on each purchase with an Alfa Bank Card, and up to 20% off in the selected categories!

  • Utility payments

    Payment for services of providers, payment for meters, payment of security services - all this for 0 commission.

    Utility payments
  • Convenient transfers between cards

    Transfer money between cards of any bank of Ukraine

    Convenient transfers between cards
  • Cash loan made even faster

    Get a loan online in 2 minutes

    Cash loan made even faster
  • Clear transfers history

    Track the full history of your expenses and revenues with a handy card statement

    Clear transfers history
  • Pay for the loan on time

    Use the most convenient way to control your credit balance, dates, and amounts of subsequent payments

    Pay for the loan on time
  • Activating and locking the card, setting and changing the PIN code, changing the limits, setting the codeword and more can now be done online.

  • Contact our support team

    Get instant help in chat or through a free online call

    Contact our support team
  • Referral program

    Invite friends and get 200 USD each.

    Referral program
  • Account management

    Monitor your accounts and track deposit transfers, activate cards and set the required limits.

    Account management
  • Connect Siri and use application by voice

    Simplify application use with Siri voice commands

    Connect Siri and use application by voice

Fast operations

Welcome IBAN since 5.08.2019

All accounts at Alfa-Bank JSC will now have a 29-digits IBAN standard. More informations here.

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